The Engineering Student Body of York University

University is about more than just getting a degree; it is about getting an education. Much of the difference lies in your involvement in the life of the university — activities such as university governance, sports, social clubs and, as an engineer, the Engineering Society. Together with all the remaining clubs at Lassonde, an active Engineering Society is vital for students and faculty alike. So get involved and broaden your university experience!
Richard Hornsey, Associate Dean for Lassonde School of Engineering
Work Hard

We connect with other clubs to bring you great events to pique your interests and hone your skills.

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Play Hard

School is work, and you don't need more of it. Connect with other students in Lassonde at our amazing events.

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Do It Together

When the going gets tough, where do you go? The Lassonde Engineering Society has the resources you need to handle the stresses of classes, work and extra-curriculars at York.

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