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Who are we?

Engineering Society at York University is a non-profit organization that is a community for engineering students. Our mission is to help every engineering student with their needs, questions and any concerns that they may have, and  this organization also gives resources to all the engineering students that will help them complete their tasks. If there’s anything that you may need please contact any LES executive, don’t be afraid we are here to help you!


How do we help?

There are plenty of resources that students can take advantage of. For instance, forums is a great way to communicate about popular topics, tutorials, or even search for old engineering text books posted by your peers. It is also an efficient way to get any help or talk about courses. Englist is another way to stay in touch with all the updates in your engineering community, and all it takes is few minutes to subscribe. Lastly, if you have any questions, you can always find us on the "Contact Us" page, we are just an email away.