2016-2017 Council

Tiffany Joseph
President - president@engsocyu.com
Hey Lassonde! Your resident EngSoc President is in the house! We’ve assembled an amazing team of passionate, dedicated engineers-to-be (and a couple of engineers-already-are!) who are ready to execute the most rockin’ year yet! Join us for social events like Pi Day and ski trip, let us guide you through your difficult semester, and let’s all get down and dirty at the annual York Engineering Competition - our biggest event, and your chance to qualify for the Ontario Engineering Competition and represent our school. Ready? Set? Go.
Diana Lee
VP External - vp.x@engsocyu.com
Hello everyone, my name is Diana and I will be the VP External of your EngSoc this year! I am very excited to meet y’all and talk about how you feel about the organization. If you are interested in meeting new people not only from York but also from other universities in Ontario, please let me know as we are looking for a group of students who are interested in attending conferences.
Tonny Lay
VP Communications - vp.comm@engsocyu.com
Good day Lassonde. This is your VP Comm speaking. I send out carrier pigeons to keep everyone updated about all things EngSoc. I keep things old school because I’m old and in my last year of Computer Engineering & International Development. Now get off my lawn. Send me a telegraph: vp.comm@engsocyu.com
Faisal Hamdan
VP Internal - vp.internal@engsocyu.com
Hello Lassondonians, this is Faisal one of the two VP Internals and i'm here to make sure that your year as a Lassonde student will be fun, educational, and engaging as possible. I am an outgoing guy so if you see me around campus don't be shy to say hi. I enjoy watching and playing sports and i'm a movie/ TV Show junkie, name a TV show and I most likely have watched it. Please feel free to email me or contact me if you have any questions or ideas about any events that you would like to see happen during the year.
Ahad Amin
VP Internal - vp.internal@engsocyu.com
Hey Lassonde, this is your VP Internal checking in for this year. My goal is to set-up and coordinate as many exciting events and outings throughout the year to give you the best experience university can offer. I am a second year Mechanical Engineering student, Commercial Pilot, and a huge adrenaline junkie. Outside of school I enjoy going fishing, cooking and flying planes. If you have any questions or would like to see any particular events or trips take place this year, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or give me a shout around campus. Cheers!
Andrew Brown
VP Academic - vp.academic@engsocyu.com
King of all things Academic. Okay not really, but sure giving it a good go! I’m currently in my 2nd year of Mech Eng. I’m highly competitive but super friendly so flag me down and say hello! I’m here to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel! I can help you find services available to you, lend you a textbook from our Lending Library or anything else related to your academic career here! If you have any questions about anything please shoot me an e-mail! PS: I melt faces on the paintball field. Just sayin.
Josh Kettle
VP Development - vp.dev@engsocyu.com
David Recchia
VP Finance - vp.finance@engsocyu.com
Your 2016-2017 EngSoc team have spent many restless nights over the summer in order to prepare for this upcoming school year. To help ensure that those preparations are realized, it is my duty to tap into resources to make that paper rain—stacks on stacks on stacks. We have carefully tailored this years events around building a more cohesive and collaborative environment and it is my obligation that I work with the rest of my kick-ass team to achieve these goals in a fiscally responsible way. My name is David Recchia, I am enrolled in the Geomatics Engineering program here at Lassonde and I am your 2016-2017 VP of Finance.
Patrick Hazzard
CRO - advisor@engsocyu.com