The Lassonde Engineering Society provides opportunities for professional and personal development and networking with industry members and engineering students across Canada through conferences held by member schools of ESSCO and CFES. Throughout the year, applications for individual conferences will open for a select number of students to attend. The cost of attendance are usually fully or partially subsidised by the Lassonde Engineering Society. In return, delegates are usually asked to write and reflect about their experience and what they can bring back to our engineering students. The conferences that are typically open to general students are PEO-SC, NCWiE, and FYIC. The rest of the conferences are geared toward EngSoc executives to collaborate with engineering societies, ESSCO, and CFES to represent our students in discussing policies pertaining to engineering students and to improve the engineering student experience through areas such as academic and culture. All conferences are open to all undergraduate engineering students; however, the number of subsidised delegates are limited based on the year’s budget. Any student wishing to cover their own expenses are more than welcome to attend.

ESSCO President's Meeting (PM)
CFES President's Meeting (PM)
APPLICATIONS OPEN: Professional Engineers Ontario - Student Conference (PEO-SC)
National Conference on Women in Engineering (NCWiE)
CFES Congress
First Year Integration Conference (FYIC)
ESSCO Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Conference Reports

NCWiE 2014 Delegation Reports
FYIC 2015 Delegation Reports