YEC 2015

The York Engineering Society proudly presents York Engineering Competition 2015 (YEC2015). YEC is an annual competition hosted at YorkU that puts engineering students to the test through a rigorous over-night competition between teams of 4 to design, build, test, and present a solution to a problem faced by today’s society.  It is the definition of taking all the hard work you did in class and applying it to real life.

YEC consists of two phases–a building phase and a presentation phase. In the building phase, teams are presented with a problem and have a set amount of time (usually about 4-6 hours) to validate, design, build and implement a solution.  During this phase you can only test your solution very few times against the demo set.

The second phase consists of solution presentations and demonstrations by the teams before a panel of judges.  You will be given a time of 10-15 min to professionally present your solution, why it works, how, and what you can do to improve.  Then your solution will be put to the test against the demo set.

In addition to a complementary prize, the winning teams of YEC get an all paid for exclusive trip to OEC2015 (Ontario Engineering Competition).  Where you will represent York in a province-wide competition against all other engineering-accredited schools.  The winners of OEC get upto $5000 cash prize and get to go onto CEC (Canadian Engineering Competition 2015) and represent Ontario and compete nation-wide, the winners of CEC get to go onto an international competition to represent Canada.

This year, the following are the dates for YEC2015:

Friday Jan 16, 2015 @ 5 pm: YEC 2015 build phase begins + dinner!

Saturday Jan 17, 2015 @ 9 am: YEC 2015 presentation phase begins + breakfast!

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